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6 tips to help ease neck pain from sleeping the wrong way!

Neckpain can come as a result of sleeping the wrong way, when it happens these tips should be the first to come to mind...


The pain (in the neck) is as a result of sleeping wrong/incorrectly. When sleeping (most times deep in sleep) the head can take a position that puts strain on the neck muscles and after a while the area gets strained causing pain.

This is usually for a short time but it can come extremely painful and uncomfortable and sometimes make daily living unbearable.


To get rid of the pain fast enough -after making sure to adjust sleeping position- there are different exercises and simple things that work to get rid of the pain fast.

1. Exercising the muscles in the area

Slowly exercise the neck to reach the muscles (that were shrunken in the process of sleeping wrong) by rotating in circular motions, moving slowly upwards and downwards, right and left to stretch out the neck. Do this at intervals through the day to slowly exercise the affected muscles in the area.

2. Ice (cold compress)

Ice works to ease a lot of pain. Get ice packs and place around the area for relief and to gently ease the neck back into position. In some instance applying ice packs can aggravate the pain, if this happens discontinue use immediately!


3. Lie down

If the neck pain persists, lie down in bed taking a neutral position that allows the head and the whole body allign properly.

4. Heat

Sometimes to get the pain to go faster, heat compress works. Soak towel in warm water or microwave damp towel for a few minutes then place in the area. Note that sometimes this can aggravate the pain, if this is noticed discontinue use immediately.


5. Apply Balm or over the counter ointments

Opt for penetrating ointments for neck pain, avoid using methylated ointment and pressure but gently massage into the area.

6. Massage

A good old massage also works to keep the pain in check. Don't rub or apply force in anyway as simple and gentle massage works just fine.


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