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Boniface Mwangi wins after reporting insurance firm AAR to government

Action taken

Boniface Mwangi wins after reporting AAR to Insurance Regulatory Authority

Activist and politician Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday announced that insurance company AAR had agreed to settle his medical bill after days of back and forth of a publicised dispute on social media. 

Mwangi had last week underwent a medical procedure on the belief that his AAR medical cover would cover him. 

The insurer, however, declined saying the activist's cover had expired after he delayed in renewing in June 2018 and the condition which developed in September 2017 would be treated as a pre-existing condition. 

Mwangi went public challenging how the injury would be classified as a pre-existing condition when he had been a member of AAR for close to ten years. 


The medical insurer's handling of the matter, often issuing public statement before updating their client. 

A group of bloggers later started a campaign that many assumed was being sponsored by AAR and which sought to vilify Mwangi and other concerned Kenyans pushing the insurer to act. 

Mwangi ultimately filed a complaint with Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) - the government agency mandated with regulating insurance companies - after which AAR agreed to settle his bill. 

"Yesterday l lodged a complaint with Insurance Regulatory Authority. Today we had a meeting with @ira_kenya and @AAR_Insurance. AAR has agreed to settle my hospital bill. Thank you to every single person who stood with me. l appreciate you. #SemaUkweli," the activist tweeted. 


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