Gov't Gives 3 Reasons Why Retrieving Car at Likoni May Delay

Fresh development

Divers helping in retrieval of bodies at Likoni Channel

Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna said the process to remove the wreck from the seabed may take longer than expected.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Oguna stated that process will be delayed due to strong currents that may pose a high risk to divers.

Mr Oguna also revealed that there were two ships at deep sea and waiting to dock at the port of Mombasa which may also contribute to the delay.

The ships are expected to pass on the surface where the government announced that the car had been sighted on Wednesday.

Commuters who also use the Likoni ferry channel are also said to be adding to the delay of retrieving of the vehicle which sunk on September 30.

Don't take pictures

Oguna said that they didn't want to interfere with the daily commute at the channel.

"We had announced yesterday that we will start the process of retrieving the car at 9am but as of now we haven't," Col. Oguna said.

"We don't want to interfere with normal operations at the channel. You can see many commuters are crossing the ferry," he added.

Col Oguna cautioned against taking of close-up photos of the wreck once it was removed from the Indian Ocean saying, the family needed respect during the trauma they are undergoing.


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