Waiguru's message to Ruto after Kiambaa by-election win

Why Ruto should be worried about State House bid despite UDA's win in Kiambaa.

DP William Ruto and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru in Karen

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has offered her two cents about the outcome of the hotly contested Kiambaa by-election.

In a statement Waiguru made after UDA candidate John Njuguna Wanjiku was declared the winner, she noted two key observations that are likely affect the 2022 General Election.

"In Kenya's electoral history by elections in Kenya have always been outliers with little or no relationship with the general election . Having said that there are two warnings that could be extracted for both UDA and Jubilee from these by elections," read the statement.

She said that although the party affiliated with Deputy President William Ruto had carried the day, the results still portrayed doom for his presidential bid.

The governor expained that the narrow win showed that Ruto did not have a foothold of the Central Kenya electorate.

"For UDA, this is probably the best they will do in Central Kenya . That should worry DP Ruto who needs 101 % of Mt Kenya support if his candidacy is to convert to the State House. But it is still a year before the 2022 elections which in politics is a lifetime," she said.

Waiguru also made observations regarding her party Jubilee which had fronted Kariri Njama who lost by only 500 votes.

She said it was high time that the ruling party goes back to the drawing board to stop it from losing supporters to its competitors.

"Its core supporters are unhappy and urgent action is needed to forestall further downwards slide," she noted.

This is not the first time the governor has schooled Jubilee officials on the lose of its support base.

Governor Waiguru noted that Jubilee was struggling to keep its foothold as one of the most popular parties in Kenya.

“The rains have beaten us. Our fortunes are dwindling. Intense introspection is demanded.

“As we head to 2022 we must recognize that the Party is now operating in a new context far different from 10 years ago,” she said.

She added that a much younger generation is dominating the electorate therefore Jubilee’s outlook and strategies must suit the times.

Waiguru asked the management of the party to step off their comfort zones and embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

“We need a reenergized Jubilee that projects the face of Kenya in all its diversities. We must also be pragmatic and re-open both the sides and back of the tent for people to enter and re enter.

“A lot of futures are tied to the fate of the party and we must restore its vision, glory and stature or contend with predictable consequences,” the Governor’s statement read.


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