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Government reveals what NASA did to Roselyn Akombe before she resigned

More Crisis with only 5 days to the repeat polls

According to Kiraithe they have launched Investigations to the incidents that made the IEBC officials to make public statements that the body is unable to conduct credible elections.

"This scheme is in full gear and one commissioner has already betrayed Kenya, picked their loot and is now an icon in the conspirators scheme of things," he said in a statement on Saturday.

Kiraithe said the grand strategy is to postpone the repeat election but to "permanently road block any presidential elections in the foreseeable future".


"With the IEBC the first tactics include inducing the commissioners to resign at critical moments in the process so as to sabotage the elections," he said.

Kiraithe said the second strategy is to commit the commissioners to make public statements that imply that IEBC is not unable to conduct elections.

Although he did not name the commissioner in the statement, he was inferring to Roselyn Akombe who resigned from IEBC and fled the country.

“The key pranks of the plan is bribery of compromised office holders in the judiciary and IEBC with huge sums of money, use of violence to prevent Kenyans from voting for a presidential candidate of their choice, radicalization of some communities to ignore the rule law and fanatically follow their commands,” Kiraithe said in statement to newsrooms.


"The slogan “Luo Lives Matter” is intended to spread fear among innocent members of the Luo community and rally them behind the plotters," Kiraithe said.

Kiraithe said the plan also includes a vicious social media campaign to polarise Kenya by spreading false information that members of NASA are targeted for violence in central Kenya.


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