Canada-based Lawyer Miguna Miguna has asked Kenyans on Twitter to stop comparing him to newly appointed Ambassador to South Korea, Mwende Mwinzi.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Miguna said Mwende is an American-born citizen, and is married to a Nigerian and is not a patriot.

He stated that he is a Kenyan-born citizen and he has never renounced his citizenship.

Please don't compare me to Mwende MWIZI, an American-born citizen of Caucasian parentage married to a Nigerian who has no patriotic bone in her body. I'm a Kenyan-born citizen of KANO LUO PEASANT STOCK, who has never renounced my citizenship and has 37 VALID COURT ORDERS in my favour.

Despot Uhuru Kenyatta doesn't respect the Constitution; doesn't respect the Judiciary; doesn't respect Court Orders; doesn't respect Parliament; doesn't respect his Deputy who made him President twice; and doesn't respect Kenyans. And idiots expect him to respect #BBIFraud Constitution?” said Miguna.

Mwende Mwinzi
Mwende Mwinzi

KOT on Friday insisted that the exiled lawyer is more Kenyan than Ms Mwinzi who had been appointed Ambassador to South Korea.

This came after MPs protested her appointment on grounds that she holds dual citizenship (American and Kenyan).

President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated her in May 2019 but the National Assembly Foreign Relations Committee approved her appointment on condition that she renounce her US citizenship, before assuming her new role.