“Mummy always pays” David Ndii 5-point explanation on Uhuru’s debt obsession

Ndii links to Uhuru's upbringing to rising debt

Economist David Ndii

Economist and public intellectual David Ndii on Monday made a five-point explanation on why President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has continuously expanded the public debt aimed at funding policies that are unpopular among Kenyans.

Ndii said Kenyatta’s policy problems could be linked to his upbringing and the reliance on elite advisors who have little touch with the lives of ordinary citizens.

Friends who went to St. Mary’s tell me they called Uhuru’s crowd “happy happy”. Its these, the 1st generation of the children of corruption, to who life outside leafy suburbs is unbearable, rural life without electricity, indoor plumbing wretched, who are shaping policy.”

“Who else would come up with the brilliant idea of giving Kenyans time off to take coast holidays en masse as a way of cushioning five star beach hotel establishments—everyone goes to the coast for holiday don’t they?" Ndii said while mocking the government’s tourism policy.

The economist also blamed privilege for President Kenyatta’s unpopular policy of forcing Kenyans to contribute to a housing fund to built affordable houses in the city.

“Only they would think urban middle class housing is a priority, believe that electric lighting is the ultimate transformation of the lives of people who don’t have water, let alone afford a microwave— because they have no idea how people live without electricity,” Ndii stated.

The former NASA strategist also attacked a proposed government policy seeking to ban animal manure, that is widely used by small scale farmers as an alternative to commercial fertilizer.

The only agriculture they can relate to is the settler farms their parents grabbed. That smallholders, those little shambas of their domestic servants, are the engine of Kenyan agriculture is something they cannot relate to. Who else would think of banning manure?” He posed.

The final slam was on the balloon public debt, aided by President Kenyatta’s obsession with foreign debt.

Finally, the only thing they know about money is buying things. They have no idea how it is earned. They have no idea what production is. Development is a shopping spree. Swipe, swipe, swipe. Debt, what debt? Mummy always pays doesn’t she?” the economist said in an apparent reference to the President’s wealthy matriarch – Mama Ngina Kenyatta.


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