Mutahi Ngunyi, Itumbi war of words over who authored K24's anti-Ruto editorial

K24 harsh statement on Ruto sparks debate

Mutahi Ngunyi on William Ruto's address - He was defiantly appointing himself co-President

Renowned political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi was on Monday caught up in a war of words over who had authored K24's hard-hitting editorial against Deputy President William Ruto.

Itumbi, who previously worked at State House, sensationally claimed that Ngunyi had authored the anti-Ruto message on behalf of K24 and Anne Kiguta who read out the controversial statement.

"The @5thestateKE and @K24Tv #Punchlne are scripted by the same person. @MutahiNgunyi wrote @AnneKiguta voiced it. But why did @MutahiNgunyi compare Uhuru with Saul of the bible? 1. Saul died by falling on his own sword in battle & Saul tried to kill David, who btw became KING!" Itumbi wrote on Twitter.

Ngunyi, however, distanced himself from the op-ed - but said he was flattered that Itumbi thought he had authored it.

The professor of political economy went on to throw shade at Itumbi - advising the blogger to read a book.

"Hello my FREN @OleItumbi. I think @AnneKiguta Editorial on #Punchline had NOTHING but Panashe (google word). And thanks for SUGGESTING that I wrote it with my @5thestateKE gang. In the MEANTIME, read a BOOK my FREN! It makes a lot of DIFFERENCE!" Ngunyi hit back.

Itumbi did not give up but responded by quoting Ngunyi's previous articles where he indicated that a rumor is not believed until it is denied.

"Asante for the DENIAL. Now using your own Marking Scheme since 2002, we know without a doubt who wrote the K24 script last night. "It is an axiom of practical politics never to believe anything until it has been officially denied." FYI - I am reading WORD it too!" Itumbi responded.

As at the time of publishing this article, Ngunyi had not responded to Itumbi.


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