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Rachel Ruto's explanation of the Kenya Shilling strengthening against the US Dollar [Video]

First Lady Rachel Ruto also heaped praises on the Kenya Kwanza administration

First Lady Rachel Ruto during a past function

First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto has attributed the strengthening of the Kenya Shilling to ardent prayers which she also credited with the success of the Kenya Kwanza regime.

The First Lady who was speaking at the launch of the empowerment projects for women youth and people with disabilities in Kajiado noted that despite the many challenges that came along, the government remained resilient and overcame all through prayers.

She listed a number of challenges which she noted, were resolved through prayers, including the drought that was reported a few months ago

"Wakati tulikua na kiangazi tulienda tukaomba Mungu akatupatia mvua, tumeona shlingi yetu ikipata nguvu, shilingi ilikua imeenda mpaka 130 ilikua inaelekea mpaka 165, siku moja ikarudi mpak ikafika 145, siku ingine ikafika 135, 130 na bado inarudi nyuma. Niwaulize kama si Mungu huyo ni nani? (When the drought came along, we turned to God in prayers and He answered with rains. We have also seen the Kenya shilling strengthening against the US Dollar, from 165 to 145 and onto 135, 130 and now it keeps gaining. If not God then who else)?" She posed.


First Lady Rachel Ruto shares her experience

She shared her experience in which she claimed that unlike in Kenya where prayers precede meetings, in other countries the same is not the practice.

"Yesterday I was telling some people that I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries in the world and other African countries. When we have meetings, there are usually no prayers conducted. Let us never take it for granted that in a state function, we can have prayers. You may take it for granted but it is not usual," added the First Lady.


The First Lady is a staunch Christian who is known for her prayerful nature.

Back in 2019, Rachel Ruto and President William Ruto who was then serving as the Deputy President built a National Prayer Altar at their Karen home.

She has also attended a number of prayer events, including the most recent crusade by US preacher, Pastor Benny Hinn at Nyayo National Stadium.


Taking up challenges through prayers

Mama Rachel recently took the on-going doctors’ strike to God in prayers, seeking divine intervention for the strike that is well into its fifth week with no end in strike with more than 500 lives lost so far.

She also initiated the formation of a prayer strategy team to pray for Kenyan police officers selected to participate in the planned Haiti security intervention.


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