Passaris responds to damning allegations, messages and phone recordings released by Sonko

Passaris comes clean on Sonko's damning allegations and messages in charged response

File image of Esther Passaris at a past event

Nairobi County Woman Representative Esther Passaris has cleared the air over sensational allegations, messages and phone recordings that were released by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Wednesday night.

Passaris who is currently in Canada took to Twitter, engaging her critics and supporters and responding to the messages, phone recordings and damning allegations made by Sonko shortly after his interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange was cut short on Wednesday night.

In a thin veiled attack, Passaris alleged that Kenyans are dealing with a pathological liar, stating that “We are dealing with a man who cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth. That's a disorder that cannot be treated”.

She challenged him to “back his lies with facts not fiction and sensationalized recordings patched together to create falsehoods that exists only in his mind”.

Passaris further defended her decision to claim Per Diem running into hundreds of thousands of shillings from the County Government despite having reportedly received the cash in question from the national government which sponsored her trip.

Responding to @mulidennis1 who wrote: “Stop asking Sonko for Per Diem. Stop swindling the county coffers”, Passaris stated that Sonko has been lying that he is processing the payment only to come up with lies of a double claim and challenged the county boss to take his proof to the EACC.

“It's my right as I was sponsored by the county for CSW in Match, 2018 and not parliament. The Governor has been lying he is processing the payment only to come up with lies of a double claim. Let him take the proof to @EACC Kenya or settle what is within my right to claim.” Wrote Passaris.

Messages and phone recordings

Backing his claims with messages and phone recordings, Sonko revealed that Passaris has been demanding per diem running into hundreds of thousands of shillings for a foreign trip that had been sponsored by the national government with the per diem paid.

According to Sonko’s messages shared publicly, the Woman Rep solicited to supply him (county government) with 11 several masts without following the due process.

He also alleged that she had been soliciting for huge sums of money from him, including Sh 300 Million to help him in settle a petition challenging his election as the Nairobi County Governor in the 08 August 2017 elections.

Madaraka day clash

It all started during last Saturday’s Madaraka Day Celebrations in Nairobi when Passaris stormed out of Governor Mike Sonko’s abusive speech.

In the speech, Sonko made it clear that he is not amused with her (Passaris’) frequent calls which he is often not in a position to respond to.

The governor wondered why she called him frequently, stating that he is not married to the Woman Representative.

This was followed by a charged interview on JKL which was cut short after Sonko insisted on presenting 'evidence' against Passaris who had earlier claimed that the he (Governor Sonko) does not pick her calls, but the former was barred by Jeff since the latter was not present.

"Passaris is misleading Kenyans; I do pick her calls. She made allegations against me and I had a right to reply," Sonko said.

The governor stated that Passaris had been sent by powerful individuals based at State House keen at ending his political career to provoke him and paint him as an arrogant person with little respect for women.


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