Calling All Single Mothers! Christmas has come early for all of You!

Susan, a single mother to two, is a modern-day Mother Teresa who now lives with some 28 other little children (boys and girls) and not only treats them as her own bit also feeds them and clothes them and takes care of them. Singlehandedly.

The End of the Year is here. There's definitely going to be a lot of festivities that include mass parties, huge consumptions of foods and drinks, wanton drunkenness and general wild merry making that won't end till the 2nd of January 2017.

Everyone will be out here making it rain, spending cash flagrantly, buying themselves bags and bags of items and paying bills upon bills of petty things.

But not everyone will be having such a good time. Many are still riddled with poverty, financial inadequacy, debts, joblessness and despondency and therefore, they can't afford to party up and be in the Christmas spirit like the rest of us.

One of those Kenyans who cannot afford to splash money on luxuries - or even food - like the rest of us is Susan Owuor Njuguna, a selfless Angel who has dedicated her life to not just serving herself and her two kids, but also spreading the love further and housing some other 28 homeless kids.

Joe teaching the children basic computer skills

Life for a single mother is already a very daunting task as she's always faced with a mountain of debts and bills as she tries to raise her own kids but Susan decided to overlook her poor state and took in some other strange children and mothered them as her own.

Susan Owuor poses with her brood and one of the Bopit Kenya staff

And because it's Christmas, Susan had the idea of approaching eminent businessman Joe Kariuki to ask him to grant her a December job just so she could find some little cash to feed her large brood over the holidays.

But Joe told her that he had no jobs to offer.

Freddy Rashid plays with some of the homeless children some games on his computer

But before she left the office, Joe called her back and asked her to report right back in his office following morning with all of the children she raises and feeds.

And the next day, Joe, a renowned business mogul and philanthropist, spent the whole day with the poor kids in his office - showing them around, letting them access the computers, letting them play around, play mobile games, sit around his expansive office and have a fun filled day.

Susan and her children take a group photo

"I was so moved by Susan and her homeless children that I decided to make this even bigger than just Susan. It's December anyway and there's millions of children, just like Susan's, who need us and who won't mind a little Christmas gift, " Joe said.

Also, the children were presented with a myriad of gifts which included cookies, candy, toys, pens, books, cakes and dolls.

Some of the goodies that Bopit Kenya presented to the children

Now, the Candy and Candy honcho has decided to expand the philanthropy.

" We have decided to give even further and wider. And that's why we as Bopit Kenya have decided that, for every download of the Mobile App on Google store, Joe will donate Sh 10 to the kitty. And then, we are going to ask all single mothers to post their stories of survival and overcoming challenges to the Bopit Facebook group. The mother with the most captivating story will automatically win herself a Ksh 5,000 gift hamper for Christmas from Bopit Kenya " says Rhoda, a Bopit Kenya publicist.

The campaign, dubbed #NoOneEatsAlone has already been launched and millions of single women in Kenya are being asked to join in the fray, download the Bopit Kenya App and share their stories on the App Facebook page.

It's a Christmas treat come early. And by the look of it, nobody is going to be eating alone this holiday.


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