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Reason for shortage of Tampons in the Country - Suppliers

Suppliers address the tampon shortage


Suppliers of OB and Kotex tampon companies in the country on Friday revealed the reasons behind the shortage being witnessed in the nation.

The company that imports and sells OB tampons, Radbone Clark Kenya, pointed out that the shortage of their product was due to the merchandise being held at the port in Mombasa.

The tampon supplier stated that the enforcement of more strict inspection procedures by KRA and other state agencies had slowed down the distribution of the product.


According to a local daily, A Radbone Clark Kenya official stated that the delay of the release of cargo dated all the way back to last year.

“Our products need no assembly since they come as finished products.

“However, the delay in clearing cargo last six to eight weeks and this, is something we have been experiencing since September last year,” stated the official.

Kim Fay East Africa, which supplies the Kotex brand of tampon, cited that the shortage of their product was as a result of shortage in supply of raw materials used to produce the item.

A Kim Fay East Africa spokesperson, who opted for anonymity, highlighted that logistics problems was the reason behind the shortage of the materials.


“We assemble our products locally and getting the raw materials has been a challenge but we are working on getting them by the end of the month,” remarked the spokesperson.

Purchase of tampons from online stores

The shortage which has mostly affected supermarkets and pharmacies has seen some of the women in the country opt to purchase the products online.

A lady highlighted that she had visited several stores in the country in the last two months in search of tampons but still could not get the product and decided to buy her brand of use from a popular online store.


Aside from having other options such as sanitary pads, women react differently to the products.


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