NASA leader names new product to boycott

List of products to be resisted by NASA supporters grows

Through his Twitter account, NASA CEO Norman Magaya has urged all opposition supporters to resist and boycott “Daring Abroad” that is produced by Alex Chamwada.

According to the post, Chamwada “was part of Cambridge analytica that compromised the 2017 elections”.

Chamwada joined the Jubilee team as a communications specialist during the last general elections that saw President Uhuru Kenyatta win a second term in elections that were disputed by NASA.

Magaya also urged the media house not to air the program and warned that should KTN proceed with the program then it would find itself in the list of products to be resisted and boycotted by opposition supporters.

He also hit out at Chamwada for “destroying motherland then go yapping about daring abroad”.

NASA embarked on an ambitious economic boycott program to bring companies that it claimed had interfered with the August 2017 elections to their knees.


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