Makau Mutua advises Raila to resign as People's President

Surprising message

Mutua, who has been a sharp critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta, stated that the country will move forward if the NASA leader and his Jubilee counterpart agree to dialogue.

He further proposed that Odinga should agree to renounce his swearing-in as People’s President – on the condition that President Kenyatta agrees to two important conditions.

"First, Kenyatta must accept – and publicly tell the nation – that August 8 was a blatant coup against the Constitution and sovereignty of the people," he stated.

The second condition, as expressed by Mutua, is that President Kenyatta would have to dissolve his government, including the cabinet, and open up a three-month process of dialogue with the NASA coalition.

"Third, Raila – following Kenyatta’s actions – must renounce the January 30 oath as the People’s President. He doesn’t have to accept Kenyatta as President, but he must agree Kenyatta controls the instruments of power,” the lawyer stated.

In his weekly column on the Sunday Standard, the veteran human rights activist stated that once the three conditions are met, NASA and Jubilee would hold talks that would result in either a coalition government or another election.


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