It's official, we don’t owe DP Ruto any political debt-change of tune as Mt. Kenya leaders issue joint stand on 2022 politics

DP has been playing petty politics meant to undermine the President and divide Central Kenya-leaders declare

File image of DP Ruto. Elders from the Mount Kenya Region have declared that they don’t owe him any political debt

For the first time, leaders from the vote-rich Mount Kenya region have united in declaring that the region does not owe Deputy President William Ruto any political debt, bringing an end to raging debate on the region's political future and reports of a 2022 deal.

Speaking on Friday after a meeting in Nyeri, the leaders who wield significant political influence and are tasked with giving the Kikuyu community a sense of political direction noted that DP Ruto has openly defied and undermined President Kenyatta by engaging in petty politics and 2022 campaigns.

“The DP has been playing petty politics meant to undermine the President and divide Central Kenya, despite the Head of State telling politicians to stop early campaigns”. Disclosed Kikuyu Council of Elders Secretary Peter Munga.

The elders further stated that DP Ruto is a stumbling block in the fight against corruption with several politicians allied to the DP challenging various efforts to fight the vice, most notably the lifestyle audit.

They pointed out that the DP is compromising the war on graft by maintaining very close ties with individuals and leaders accused of corruption especially from Central Kenya.

The elders further warned the rival Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke factions against putting the country in an electioneering period, stating that engaging in 2022 succession politics at this time is against the wishes of President Kenyatta.

The team also endorsed the recently-launched bank notes, stating that it will aid in fighting runaway corruption in the country.

Region's political future

This was the first time that the elders were making such a bold and clear statement on the region’s political future amidst concerns that the region may abandon DP Ruto.

The bold declaration are contrary to assertions by a section of his allies that the region will reciprocate his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta bya endorsing him in 2022.

In the wake of the concerns which have split Jubilee Party right at the middle, several leaders allied to the DP have demanded that the President should make his stand known to the public in regard to supporting DP Ruto’s quest to succeed him.

While DP Ruto has always maintained that his frequent tours across the country are to promote development, politics have often formed part of the agenda with the DP leading his allies in attacking former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


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