Why Uhuru is angry about the ongoing demolitions in the country

The ongoing demolition has caused public outcry asking Uhuru to intervene

President Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru has lashed out at those carrying out demolistion of building in an inhumane manner

Speaking in Nyeri when he met Mt. Kenya lawmakers on Thursday, the president said he was not pleased about how the process was being conducted, and put on notice those conducting the process by undermining rights of Kenyans not withstanding the justification.

He mentioned that the process should be carried out in a humane manner, but not to ambush owners without consultations.

“Na ndipo hata juzi nilikasirika kwa kazi ingine ambayo ilifanywa haswa area hii na kwingine pia. Vile watu walikuja usiku kubomoa vibanda vya watu. Twajua kuwa hii area ni road reserve na najua yakwamba wananchi wanataka maendeleo ya barabara,” Said Uhuru.

Kenyatta stated that it was best to hold talks with Kenyans who dwell on road reserves before demolishing and destroying their property, and give them time to plan on where to go.

“Lakini jameni tuongee na wananchi. Tuaambie yakwamba barabara itakuja kupita hapa na lazima waondike na mtu apatiwe nafasi ya kuondoka na kuondoa mali yake polepole na kujipanga tofauti.”

Contrary to the President’s remark on Thursday, he had previously lashed out at some people who tried to contact his office wooing him to spare their buildings that had been built on riparian land and road reserve.

“I have received many calls being asked ‘how can you sit and just watch all this destruction going on. You must stop it,’ Said the Head of State in August during church service at the Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) church in Karen.

“It is difficult to stop, not because we love to destroy but because we must fight impunity. I have lost close friends over the war on corruption. We must be ready to lose friends and do what is right in the eyes of God,” he reiterated.

Kenyatta said the government would not only continue demolishing structures lying on riparian lands, but will also go after public officers who sanctioned the illegal constructions.


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