Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto has warned the public to be wary of conmen using her name, to steal from innocent Kenyans.

In a series of tweets, the DP’s wife said that there were men and women using her name in a scheme claiming to give out vehicles to people.

Mama Rachel went on to clearly state that she was not running any competition or giving out any cars.

DP Ruto’s wife gives warning to the public

She also advised Kenyans not to send any of their personal details or money to anyone and that she had already reported the matter to the police and necessary action was being taken.

I would like to alert the public of a scheme by con men and women using my name to purportedly give out vehicles in a fraudulent business promotion. I am NOT running any competition or giving out any cars. The page is a hoax and do NOT send any money or your personal information to anyone. I have reported the matter to the Police and alerted the Facebook administration to take necessary action,” Wrote Mama Rachel Ruto.

The Deputy President's wife is not the only high profile individual to have been used by scammers to steal money from innocent Kenyans.

Other prominent people including Members of Parliament have had accounts with their names used to con Kenyans in schemes claiming to help them get jobs, among other things.