Raila Odinga reveals how many billions he is worth

Raila declares his wealth publicly

Raila Odinga reveals how many billions he is worth

Orange Democratic Leader Raila Odinga revealed that his family’s net worth is about Ksh2 billion.

Speaking during a Sunday night interview on NTV, Mr Odinga said that most of his wealth was in shares from companies and properties.

"I am not rich. I am just about Ksh2 billion which we own collectively as the Odinga family,” Odinga said.

He dismissed allegations that his family had used its name to create wealth.

First to declare wealth

Our father Odinga died a poor man. There is nothing we inherited from him as his children. It must be remembered that throughout his life that he was in government for only two and a half years,” he added.

Odinga said that his siblings were working like other Kenyans and received salaries from their jobs.

He became the first high ranking politician in the country to disclose his wealth publicly amid pressure to have public officers reveal their wealth.

Public officers wealth

In 2019, a law was proposed to have the wealth of top State officials made public under the Lifestyle Audit Bill, 2019.

Of interest was the wealth of the President and the Cabinet, MPs and Senators, top county officials, executives in State-owned firms and senior civil servants.

At present, public officers are expected to declare their wealth every two years, but the information contained in the wealth declaration forms remains confidential.


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