The pre-teen took her own life after revealing that she had been sexually abused by a male member in her family with some sites alleging that it was the step-father who abused her.

On 24th January this year an aspiring actor from Texas who had just premiered his first movie shot himself on Facebook’s livestream. The actor identified as Frederick Jay Bowdy shot himself as his friends on Facebook watched a few days after getting arrested and released over sexual assault charges.

Now another teenage girl by the name Naika Vant has hanged herself and live streamed the whole thing. The teen that was in foster care was also said to have been abused by a teenage boy while under foster care.

As the Associated Press reported, the teen wrote “I Don’t Wanna Live No More” on the tragic video before posting three sad-faced emojis.

Pleas by friends on the Facebook live stream begging her not to commit suicide fell on deaf ears as she killed herself by hanging from her own scarf in the bathroom. One of her friends tried calling 911 but Naika couldn’t be saved.

Following her suicide, Naika’s mum Gina Alexis tearfully said "I am sick and devastated…Naika was my baby girl."