Why we all need to heed Raila's call to strip in order to save the little dignity we have left

The NASA leader whom some consider a father figure and a fierce fighter for Women Rights demanded to see female supporters strip and show their panties during the Anti-IEBC demos.

Speaking on Thursday, the former Prime Minister demanded to see female supporters strip and show their panties during the Anti-IEBC demos.

"Nataka nione chupi ya akina mama. Na nione vijana kwa barabara. Mtafanya hivyo? (crowd cheers back in affirmation) Sawa sawa. Tutaonana baadaye, asanteni sana,"

Translated; “I want to see women's underwears. I also want to see the youth on the roads. Will you do that?...Okay, we will meet later, thank you very much," Odinga stated.

How unbecoming of a father figure, a fierce fighter for Women Rights, a grandfather, an enigma in Kenyan politics some thought.

As usual, a section of Kenyans led by Jubilee mob (bloggers) went gaga and big and small they came out gun blazing firing at Baba in a desperate and pathetic attempt to besmirch his character.

Dennis Itumbi, digital advisor to President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to broadcast his ignorance to the world.

@RailaOdinga, caught on camera inciting/mobilizing for Demos keshos

"Kesho nataka nione sura zenu zote. Nataka nione chupi za aki na mama" he tweeted to stamp his ignorance to 7.5 billion people.

However what they missed by a wide margin is that Kenyan history is replete with accounts of nude protest, much as they try to sell it Baba is not a dirty old man.

Kenyans are easy to forget so let me educate them on the art of protest 101; Undress for Redress.

Striping is one of the oldest forms of protest which dates back to as far as 1900, it is staged to attract public attention to a cause and Kenya desperately needs it, the whole wide world needs to come and see the shocking levels Kenya has sunk to.

Horror After Police Taped Tear-Gassing Nursery Pupils In Slums

On Tuesday anti-riot police tear-gassed innocent nursery school children in Nyalenda slums and up to now they haven’t even uttered an explanation or offered an apology.

Their senior brothers and sisters at the University of Nairobi did not have it any better either, when they attempted to protest the illegal detention of their former Chairman and Embakasi MP, Babu Owino riot police tour up one of the oldest rule books of never trespassing sacred university grounds and in similar brutal style invaded the campus hostels and lecture halls where they went berserk, they clobbered the scholars mercilessly leaving 27 nursing serious wounds.

Up to now, no police officer has been brought to book despite video footage of the heinous act being available to the police.

As we speak, nurses are on strike and the health sector is in comatose.

Despite its greatness, Kenya is the jobless capital of East Africa.

Four in every 10 Kenyans of working age have no jobs, the worst level of unemployment in the region.

When everything else has failed, nude protest is unreleased with furry to make the oppressor bow in shame and sick to the stomach

Women's body more so female genitalia in all societies is sacred and should never be openly seen much so without their consent.

Kenyans of all ages know very well that elderly women when disappointed or highly disrespected usually threaten to strip and curse the offender, that is their last card to salvage their dignity and seek redress,

Fellow Kenyans hasn’t IEBC disappointed us by holding sham elections? Hasn’t IEBC disrespected us to the core by disobeying the Judiciary, one of the highest institutions of our land, haven’t they? Those fat cats need not only to go but hang till dry.

This is not just an African affair either, nude protest is held worldwide and with great enthusiasm and fashion.

Internationally feminist group FEMEN go out all nude with big black bold messages sprayed on their young bodies to make sure as much as the eye may try to dart away it cannot succeed, yes injustice is here with us and the entire world can as well see it.

Locally, undress for redress has been staged all over the continent from Nigeria Cameroon, Ivory Coast Senegal to Mali to mention just but a few, AfricanS are all familiar with the power of the vulva.

In Kenya, during Mau Mau liberation hundreds of women stripped for Kenya to be free and independent, Yes! they striped for that Jubilee mobster too to have all anonymity and rights to abuse other Kenyans while hiding behind a computer, instead of coming out to the streets like a 'real man'.

In 1922, for instance, a woman exposed her body to galvanise youth to try and free Harry Thuku.

Nobel Laurent, Wangari Maathai similarly stripped and joined tens of elderly women at Uhuru Park to pressurized the Moi government to release their sons, who were political prisoners.

For days on end, they staged a hunger strike in the nude and all mighty and powerful Moi with all his single-party state humbly and ashamedly bowed, what is IEBC? Same script different cast.

Just months ago, One of Africa’s top brains, celebrated but controversial lecturer at Makerere University, Dr. Stella Nyanzi stripped in protest of being locked out of her office at Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research.

Despite holding the most expensive elections in the continent and  2nd in the world, IEBC failed us and by refusing to initiate electoral reforms IEBC has spit on the faces of Kenyans, by refusing to open servers IEBC has given Kenyans the middle finger.

Enough is enough, Jubilee wamekula Nyama tukimeza mate alafu wakanyongwa na wakatutapikia.

Kenyan mothers who gave birth to this nation have had it and with only one bullet in their arsenals, (curse of nakedness) they should come out in large numbers and curse those dimwits in the electoral body who have decided to hold this country hostage, may they go mad for all I care.

The Jubilee administration has had its way with us for far too long anyway, the government has forced themselves onto us irrespective of gender, male and female they don’t give a hoot all they want is to satisfy their lust.

And after their shameful deed they have at gunpoint demanded our Fathers, mothers’ sons and daughter to pay them as if raping, soiling and robbing them of their dignity were not enough.

What is dignifying about living from hand to mouth? Walking with ribs protruding like you are suffering from Kwashiorkor, what?

Tell me what is dignifying about a grown up man with degrees calling his frail and jobless father in the village to send him Sh200 because he is jobless? what is dignifying about a woman with brains and skills being denied a chance to excel and prosper in this Country until she either spreads her legs to get what is rightfully hers?

Strip for police brutality strip for Joblessness strip for electoral reforms, strip for an unwarranted attack on the judiciary strip for corruption strip for Kenya's future.


The government of the day has shown total lack of commitment to deal with corruption, President Uhuru Kenyatta an institution in itself has thrown his arms in the air and said Mnataka nifanyeje? What do you want me to do?

Rwanda a country still recovering from genocide was successful with great fanfare may I add, able to hold CHAN championship yet the biggest economy in East Africa failed miserably to hold such after bidding not once but twice.

Yes! What not to strip when Africa has already stripped us? The Confederation of African Football (CAF) looked Kenya hard in the face and pitifully regretted even thinking Kenyan could host such a big football tournement.

Three years after being given the rights to host not a single stadium had been revamped leave alone constructed.

In a country with morals, the Cabinet secretary for Sports would have resigned by now.


As for the NASA Family, I have one last message for you.

While you are carrying out Anti-IEBC demos please respect rule of law and other people’s property.

Otherwise, come out in  large numbers carrying placards and furiously blowing your whistle and while at it let your wives, girlfriends, mpango wa kando, sisters mother, cats, dogs everyone join you and support the cause in their own unique way and together on the eve of 26th October let us all march like gallant soldiers to Canaan.

ODM threatens to go alone


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