After a meteoric 352% rise PLC Ultima is buzzing again, can it rally more?

PLC Ultima (PLCU) has been having the best time of its life for over 3 months now

PLC Ultima

Ever since this coin, founded by Alex Reinhardt, entered the crypto scene, it has grown at an astounding rate, garnering attention from the crypto community and enthusiasts alike.

The coin has appreciated 100 million % in less than a year - from 0.1 to 100,000 USD. In addition, it is important to note that unlike most of the crypto coins which are highly volatile, the PLCU is very stable because it’s already being linked with the real sector.

Since PLC Ultima was introduced in December 2021 at a price of $0.10, the fast-growing crypto asset has rallied more than 352 percent, peaking at $116,000, the data from Binance suggests.

The coin’s success depends largely on the objectives behind the coin, which is to tie the crypto world to the real sector of the economy -and this is not so volatile, explains Alex Reinhardt, Founder of PLC Ultima (PLCU). In addition, the latest surge in the coin has been fuelled by a strong rumour that PLC Ultima will likely list on popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance.

"The news that PLCU will list on Binance in the coming months has renewed market players' interest in the coin. Before we get listed on Binance, we will get listed on the top exchanges, and this, of course, will spur insane growth of our cryptocurrency. Also, our Farm is a unique product that everyone wants; it’s impossible not to want it," said Alex Reinhardt.

Ultima Farm is an application to produce new coins simply by storing coins in the wallet. In the application, the freezing and holding of coins takes place.

The more coins a user holds on the Ultima Farm wallet, the more new coins are produced. Ultima Farm has an operating term between one to three years, and during this time it multiplies the volume of frozen coins on the wallet. After the expiration of the term, all frozen coins are unfrozen, becoming available for operations once again.

Crypto experts predict PLCU could double its current price in a year. Unlike most crypto coins dependent on the market and Bitcoin, PLCU is not as volatile compared to many other crypto assets because it's tied to the real sector of the economy. According to Alex Reinhard, a total of 11 million coins have been issued.

The PLC Ultima blockchain burns 1% of every transaction. Thus, if 100 people transfer 100 PLCUs each, almost 100 coins will be burned as a result. Not only does this prevent additional emission, but also constantly reduces the number of coins in circulation, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the exchange rate.

This decision once again confirms the decentralisation of the PLC Ultima cryptocurrency and serves as a transparent and fair instrument for its liquidity.



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