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The expensive Sonko-like lifestyle of 28 year old man accused of stealing 3.9 Billion Kshs from KRA (Photos)

Social media bigwig Alex Mutuku became a nationwide sensation after he was arraigned in court over electronic fraud.

Earlier on after rumors of his crime surfaced on social media, Alex claimed innocence to his Facebook followers and recently posted this: I told you guys snakes don't hiss anymore. They call you bruh...etc. Now stop calling me asking if I am fine. Yes I am. Now, if you saw me somewhere it's probably because the paper wouldn't have sold without me. It's the sad level 'news' reporting and blogs have stooped to just to get readers.

P.S: Stop inboxing me asking what's going on because I too have no idea. Probably ask the gutter press where you read it.

Well since he was accused of stealing close to four billion Kshs, interest in Alex’s flamboyant lifestyle has been on an all-time high.


From jet setting to owning a super bike to travelling with some of the most expensive airlines Emirates, Alex Mutuku was living the life many young people would envy, a life that has been well documented on social media.

“TZ is a wrap. Awesome country. Friendly people. No water rationing, Just nice. Next Lusaka...but first I need the power to exercise my right. Pia mimi nimechoka.” reads one of his posts created in Lugoba Tanzania before later griping about layovers in Addis Ababa “ደህና እደሩ FB! I learned a new word today! Hate layovers though.”

As other Kenyans were complaining about Njaaanuary, Alex could not relate as he was living the life. “Eti 60 days of NJAAnuary. Hiyo ni wewe. Please Feb just be like NJAAnuary! I'm so loving 2017. Thank you God!” reads a post.

Aside from visiting Lugoba in Tanzania, his global destinations included Calcutta India, Zanzibar Tanzania, Bururi and Bujumbura Burundi.


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