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Heart of gold: Keroche Billionaire daughter saves struggling woman

Anerlisa Muigai has touched many hearts with this selfless deed.

The CEO of Executive Water was approached one by Michelle Nyambare, a single mom whose tailoring business collapsed, amking her lose everything.

But while there may be many people who are simply looking for financial assistance, Michelle’s rare request caught Anerlisa’s attention and she responded by granting her wish.

Michelle sent Anerlisa a message requesting that the heiress allows Michelle to dress her in a bid to market her business and make her popular enough to make ends meat.


In a long touching series of messages, 27-year-old Michelle explained her struggles as a single mom of a four-year-old son. Her tailoring business hit rock bottom and she suffered a dark period of depression.

Now, that she is looking for a way out, Michelle went on to humbly request that Anerlisa allows her to make African dresses for her so that she could give her son a better life and get back on her feet.

Moved by Michelle’s words, Anerlisa called her up and made an appointment.

She went further to post the story (while wearing one of michelle's gorgeous creations) and ask her fans to follow Michelle to help her realise her dream.

The extremely rich heiress explained that it’s people like Michelle who inspire the life she wants to lead after she retires as CEO of Executive Waters. She says that she plans to start an institution that will uplift young entreprenuers to become what they want to become.


On her post on Instagram she said, “This is the reason why after retiring I would like to open an institute that will uplift young entrepreneurs to be what they want to become. Unfortunately most of the youth have so much to offer but always fall short because of no support. Fast forward to today I reached out to @Michellenyambare +254 722 598 687 and helped her realise her dream. All she ever wanted was to make me an outfit and to be honest after reading her story, I was sold. This week she delivered two dresses and I am so happy to have given her a chance. The dresses are great and I look forward to more ankara dresses from her.Thank you Michelle for your kindness and I believe your business is destined for greatness. Its amazing how much we have shared together remembering how scared you were even taking my measurements. I wish you all the best. Aner.. Ps. The catwalk is for you Michelle. You should be very proud of yourself and never doubt that you can be whatever you want to be.”

Well, you gotta love this beautiful soul.


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