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Daddy Owen's Sh37M project, Samidoh's wife's bombshell and more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Kenyan singer Bensoul has confirmed break up with his long time girlfriend Noni Gathoni

Naomi Kuria, Daddy Owen, Natalie Githinji and Bensoul with ex-girlfriend Noni Gathoni

Compared to the last two weeks which witnessed major celebrity weddings, this week has seen Bensoul reveal he broke up with his girlfriend Noni Gathoni.

Besides the breakup, Daddy Owen revealed the major philanthropic project he has been undertaking behind the scenes.

Here are more entertainment stories that made headlines this week


Singer Samidoh's wife, Edday Nderitu, has shared an image on her Instagram page showing her with a baby bump.

This has left people guessing whether the photo is current or a throwback.

Edday captioned the photo by stating that having someone growing inside of her is the most powerful creation and that there is no bigger gift than that.

Several people have expressed their concerns after seeing a photo of Edday Nderitu, with some throwing shade at her and stating that she is not assertive.

Edday had previously stated that she would never raise her children in a polygamous family. This comes after it became evident that her husband, Samidoh, and Karen Nyamu were inseparable.


However, some people in the comment section have pointed out that the photo was taken during Edday's last pregnancy journey and suggested that she shared it just to provoke Karen Nyamu.

Kenyan sensational singer Bensoul has confirmed break up with his long-time girlfriend Noni Gathoni.

In an interview with Eve Mungai on Wednesday, the sensational singer confirmed the news, stating that sometimes you try to work things out, but it gets to a point where it's impossible.


Bensoul confirmed that he and Noni are no longer together, but emphasized that they remained good friends who support each other.

"Well, love comes and goes. You try to work out things na mnafika point haiwezekani na that's life. Na ikaisha tu. Lakini sisi si maadui, bado tunasupportiana. Anasupport vitu zangu zote. We are good friends," Bensoul said.

Asked the reason for their break up, Bensoul said that everything that happened is just part of life. He clarified that it was not because of any baby mama issues as had been purported by online in-laws.

"Si hizo issues za baby mama. Hizo tulikuwa tushasolve, everything was good. Alikuwa msuportive na hizo vitu zote but hizi zingine ni issues tu za life," he said.


Bensoul further revealed that he has never had any issues with her baby mama and that they are peacefully co-parenting.

"So mambo ya ati wanasema mimi na baby mama tumesolve issues hakuna mahali tulikua tumekasiriakana in any way," he said.

Bensoul also talked about the song that he has dedicated to his daughter.

In his latest album 'Lion of Sudah', Bensoul wrote a song titled "Melody" dedicated to his beautiful daughter.

The singer revealed that he wrote the song to remind himself of his purpose and to let his daughter know that she's the most important thing in his life.


"So hiyo song nikiandika nilikua nasema enyewe ata ile siku atakua mkubwa akiwahi ulizwa atakua anajua yaani mimi kwa akili yangu anakuanga number one," he said.

As a parent, it's natural to want your child to be proud of you, and Bensoul is no different. He hopes that when his daughter grows up, she will look at him and see a superstar that she's proud to call her dad.

Comedian Naomi Kuria has hinted at quitting content creation and comedy in the near future, although she admitted that it has been her source of livelihood.


Kuria, who has collaborated with some big names in the content creation industry, explained that there is more to come from her as she stressed that she has been thinking about her future.

According to the comedian, she is trying to come up with sustainable ways of providing for herself, as she has realized that comedy is clearly not one of them.

“There are definitely more collaborations to come, but I have been thinking about my future. There’s so much going on in my head and one thing I know for sure is that comedy is not going to be my future.

"It might not be part of my future because I’m thinking about more and better sustainable ways of providing for myself and I don’t think comedy is one of them," Kuria explained.


She said that he really does comedy for passion, but in one way or another, it has become his daily bread. However, she added that at the moment, he did not want to talk more about his future plans.

Heartbreak is something that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. It could be because of financial problems, infidelity, or simply falling out of love. However, being dumped because of an illness is a whole different story.

Natalie Githinji, a popular content creator and NRG Radio presenter, knows this all too well.

Natalie has been dumped multiple times by guys she dated after they found out that she was battling endometriosis.


“Some of the guys I dated left me when they found out I had endometriosis. Imagine, I guess I’m a burden when I’m sick, I understand where they’re coming from,” Natalie said during an interview with a local media house on Monday.

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing painful periods, heavy bleeding, and pain during sex or bowel movements

The condition became so severe for Natalie that she could barely walk because of the excruciating pain.

It was in 2016 when Natalie developed painful cramps, and the flow was overwhelming, that she discovered she had endometriosis.


“I wish I had known about it sooner, I would have caught it sooner. I found out seven years later,” adds Natalie.

She had gone for a second opinion, and the doctor accidentally mentioned that she might have the condition, something that the previous doctors she had seen had never told her about.

The condition caused her to lose a lot of weight and even made her feel suicidal at one point. She describes her endometriosis journey in three words.

Despite the challenges she faces, Natalie is not fighting anything and is doing everything humanly possible to enjoy life.


Popular content creator Robert Ndegwa Kamau, popularly known as Thee Pluto has raised concerns about his mental well-being.

The YouTuber behind the popular Thee Pluto show shared that he is battling depression without delving into the details.

Pluto took to his InstaStories to share his tribulations and appealed for prayers from his fans.

He noted that he is fighting a brave battle but expressed concerns that his battle against depression is not an easy one.


"Honestly I'm losing it. Depression is eating me slowly from inside. Pray for me," Thee Pluto wrote.

Most recently, the celebrity content creator came under pressure from a section of critics who claimed that his popular Thee Pluto show is stage-managed.

US-based content creator, Andrew Kibe was also on his case with allegations that the 23-year is raising a child that does not belong to him.


The hostel aims to provide a home for patients, especially children who have undergone surgeries and are in the recovery process.

It has several rooms and features that will help to smoothen the whole process. theWhile describing some of the features inside the building, Daddy Owen pointed out that there are rails on the sides to assist those using wheelchairs to support themselves while moving.

He added that the corridors are also spacious enough to allow for multiple movements within the building at the same time.

The hostel, which is set to be completed soon with workers finalizing its interior works, will have two kitchens.

One will be located on the ground floor while the other will be upstairs to help those who need to use the cooking area run things smoothly.


Bloggers on site wanted to know if parents who accompanied their children to the hospital would have to pay for certain services. Daddy Owen then had to explain how the hostel would operate.

Daddy Owen revealed that parents would not necessarily have to pay for accommodation at the hostels, as they would only be able to accommodate a limited number of patients at a time, and provide fully for them for a certain period.

Daddy Owen challenged those who have achieved success in life by asking how they were impacting the lives of others.


In a surprising turn of events, singer and presenter Oga Obinna has officially left Kiss 100 after working at the radio station for one year, and none of his fans were aware that he would depart.

In his interview with Mpasho, Oga explained that he has finished his contract with Kiss, and added that the experience has been wonderful since he achieved his dream while at the station.

Oga also stated that whatever he is going to do from this point onwards will just be extra since he has already worked for the organization he wanted.

"I’m no longer at Kiss. I have finished my contract. The experience has been beautiful and I have achieved my dream and did everything I wanted to do. And everything I do from now henceforth will be extra.

"If it’s a job, a cat a job it will be extra. I have driven that car I wanted to drive (apart from Range Rover Sport), lived in the houses I wanted, and worked in an organization I always wanted. I have achieved what I wanted to do and now we move," Oga explained.


Oga stated that his experience at Kiss has been wonderful because the company cares about its employees.

He also mentioned that people might speculate about why he left the media entity, but he made it clear that he doesn't care about what others might say about his departure.

Although Oga has left Kiss, he has stated that he might return to radio in the future.


Renowned Kenyan comedian and content creator, Njugush, recently revealed in an interview why he turned down an offer to join Kiss 100 FM, one of Kenya's leading radio stations.

In a candid conversation with Nairobi News, Njugush, whose real name is Timothy Kimani, shared that he had been approached by Kiss 100 FM to join their team as a radio presenter in 2022.

However, after careful consideration, he decided to decline the offer due to time constraints.

Njugush explained that while he was honoured to be approached by such a reputable radio station, he ultimately decided that it wasn't the right fit for him at the time.

There was that time in 2022 Kiss FM wanted to hire me but it didn’t work out. There was that suggestion but the particular segment didn’t work out because of a few issues. Majorly it was because of time,” he said.


He elaborated that most of his time was focused on his core strength, which is comedy and content creation.

Njugush is known for his witty humour, relatable sketches, and hilarious parodies, which have earned him a massive following both online and offline.

He has won multiple awards for his outstanding contributions to the Kenyan entertainment scene including a Pulse Influencer Award and has become a household name in the comedy industry.


Viral TikToker and matatu tout Kabuda has revealed that life has never been the same since he started trending on TikTok for dancing on the streets of Nairobi.

Kabuda, who operates between Mwiki and the CBD, claimed during an interview with Silva Kido that some of his ex-girlfriends have started calling him, stating that they want him back. This has surprised him a lot.

He explained that some of them have even gone to the extent of reminding him of their names to win his heart back.

"Hapo kwa wasichana achana nayo. Unapata mlikosana naye miaka miwiliiliyopita, sai anakuinbox. Sasa? Uko poa? Unanikumbuka? Hukumbuki Njeri? Ghaai umenisahau. Ulidelete namba yangu? Mademni wengi lakini laima uwaavoid kiasi.

"[Leave alone ladies. You will find out that you broke up with someone two years ago then she texts you right now asking how you are doing and if you remember her or if you deleted her number. Ladies are many out there but I must avoid them sometimes]," Kabuda explained.


He, however, affirmed that he can't hook up with his exes since they left him when he had nothing.

Kabudaa, who has been called upon to work with some of the big names in the industry, did not fail to mention Eddie Butita and Njugush for including him in their work. He thanked them for believing in him.

Kabuda rose to fame by recording back-to-back videos of himself dancing miondoko moves while calling for passengers to board his bus.

The TikToker has gone ahead and been featured in several TikTok challenges with other celebrities, something that he doesn't take for granted.


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