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Peter 'Peetah' Morgan Biography: Early life, 11 children & love for Kenya

Peter 'Peetah' Morgan was survived by his wife Maria Gunabe-Morgan, 11 children, and 2 grandchildren.

Peter Anthony Morgan,

In a heartfelt announcement, the Morgan family shared the somber news of the passing of Peter Anthony Morgan, the cherished lead singer of the iconic reggae band Morgan Heritage, on February 25, 2024.

Peter Peetah Morgan, a revered figure in the music world, was not only celebrated for his contributions to reggae music but also loved deeply as a husband, father, son, and brother.

The family's statement conveyed their deep appreciation for the outpouring of love and support they have received and continue to request prayers during this challenging time.

"It is out of sincere love that we share that our beloved husband, father, son, and brother and lead singer of Morgan Heritage, Peter Anthony Morgan, has ascended today February 25, 2024," the statement read.


Let's take a look at Peetah's life and times

Born into a musical dynasty in Brooklyn, New York, Peter "Peetah" Morgan was the second of the many children of Denroy Morgan, a figure synonymous with reggae music's evolution in the United States.

Peetah’s upbringing was a fusion of American lifestyle and Jamaican cultural values, deeply influenced by his father's music and the vibrant Jamaican community in Brooklyn.


This unique blend of cultures shaped his early exposure to music, laying the foundation for his future in reggae​​​​.

The family's return to Jamaica was a transformative experience for Peetah, marking a deeper connection to his Jamaican roots.

This move allowed him to immerse himself in the island's rich cultural and musical landscape, significantly impacting his personal and musical identity.

Jamaica's influence was profound, providing Peetah with a deeper understanding of his heritage and the Rastafari faith, which would become central to his life and music​​​​.


Morgan Heritage emerged in the mid-1990s as a band of siblings united by their shared love for music and their cultural heritage.

Under Peetah's leadership as the lead vocalist, the band carved a niche within the reggae genre, blending traditional reggae sounds with contemporary influences.

Their music, known for its lyrical depth and melodic sophistication, addressed themes of love, unity, and Rastafarian beliefs, resonating with audiences globally and earning them critical acclaim, including a Grammy award​​​​.


He started his solo career in 2010, following the dissolution of Morgan Heritage in 2008.

Peetah's solo projects reflected his artistic versatility, exploring beyond the reggae genre to incorporate elements of hip-hop, dancehall, and R&B.

These ventures were marked by collaborations with various artists and producers, allowing Peetah to experiment with new sounds and themes.


His solo work was not only a demonstration of his musical talent but also an opportunity to express his personal artistic vision, gaining him recognition as a multifaceted artist​​​​.

Peetah Morgan's life was deeply influenced by his Rastafari faith, which shaped his worldview and music.

The principles of love, unity, and respect for nature, central to Rastafarianism, were recurrent themes in his music.

His spiritual beliefs were a source of inspiration and strength, guiding him both personally and professionally.


Peetah's commitment to his faith and cultural identity was evident in his public persona and his interactions with fans and fellow artists​​​​.

He was survived by his wife Maria Gunabe-Morgan, 11 children, and 2 grandchildren.

Morgan Heritage band developed a special relationship with Kenya, showcasing their deep connection and commitment to the country through various initiatives and declarations of affection towards the Kenyan people and its culture.


The band publicly expressed their love for Kenya, referring to it as "paradise" and highlighting their experiences in the country as profoundly positive.

In 2016, there were reports that they had bought land in Kenya and embarked on farming initiatives.

The band's album, 'Loyalty,' was created across several continents, with Mojo Morgan focusing on the group's philanthropic efforts in Kenya.


The news of Peetah Morgan's untimely passing sent shockwaves through the reggae community and beyond.

Tributes poured in from around the world, reflecting the profound impact of his music and the love and respect he had garnered.

The Jamaican Prime Minister's statement highlighted the loss felt by the nation and the global music community.

Peetah's legacy is immortalized through his contributions to reggae music and the messages of peace and unity he championed​​.


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