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Big Man Stevo reveals reasons for remaining unmarried & preference for 'Wamamaz'

YouTuber Big Man Stevo explains real reasons behind his decision to remain unmarried & his love for 'wamamaz'

Kenyan YouTuber Big man Stevo

Kenyan YouTuber Big Man Stevo, known for his popular Comrades Flavour channel, has revealed his firm stance on never getting married.

Despite his previous announcement in 2022 about marrying Comrade's Flavour triplets, Stevo clarified that it was merely a passing remark, and his current perspective on marriage has evolved.

In a conversation with Obinna on March 12, Stevo addressed the previous speculation surrounding his relationship with the Comrade's Flavour triplets, dismissing claims of using them for fame or clout.


He emphasised that the interaction was mutual and fair, with no ulterior motives from either party. Stevo underscored that the matter was resolved amicably, and it has been nearly two years since it was discussed.

Stevo elaborated on his preferences regarding an ideal partner, expressing reluctance towards dating women below 25 years old due to perceived complexities.

He mentioned a preference for women with a ten to fifteen-year age gap, citing better compatibility and understanding.


However, he ruled out relationships with women over 50 years old, emphasising the importance of good vibes and mutual respect.

Stevo candidly shared his past experiences with heartbreak, revealing how it led him to swear off marriage altogether.

He expressed distrust towards the notion of romantic love, believing that it often leads to complications and disappointments.


Stevo emphasised the risks involved in loving too deeply, citing potential betrayal and the emotional toll it can take.

He highlighted his belief that women are more prone to infidelity, further solidifying his aversion to marriage.

Describing himself as real, Stevo acknowledged that his authenticity may intimidate some people. He admitted to having a seasonal approach to love, where feelings may fluctuate over time.


He recounted losing several girlfriends due to his straightforwardness, suggesting that many are uncomfortable with his honesty.

Despite his reservations about commitment, Stevo remains open to genuine connections but prioritises self-preservation above all else


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