Hamisa Mobetto mocks Zari and Diamond with new video

Talk about rocking the boat and causing a sh*t storm!

She shared a video of the Danube Homes advertisement which was shot after Zari raged about finding Hamisa’s earrings in her house.

Zari took to Snapchat to write a scathing post to the earrings owner now identified as Hamisa “She borrows clothes for social media but cannot clean or wash her p**ssy. Hmm, the things men pick from streets bado anaingaika. If you think you are woman enough come find me at my house and claim your cheap things!”

She later railed at Hamisa through her DM after she learnt that Hamisa was still chovyaing Diamond’s asali. “Heard you still coming to my house fu**ing in my bed after you left your 50 cent earrings. How the hell do you keep f**king a man who clearly denies you in public? It clearly shows you’re just another trash to him if he can fuck and deny you. Where does that leave you as a woman unless if you are  a typical cheap thirsty wh*re?”

Back then Hamisa denied the issue by saying “When mama Tee alilipuka hakusema ear rings ni za kwangu. At least angesema ‘Hamisa come and get your earrings’, alisema whoever left their earrings come for them…Those were not my earrings. ”

Now that it has been confirmed that she is Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa has developed some guts and admitted that the earrings are hers and she will go pick them up if they are still around. She reposted Diamond and Zari’s Danube Homes advert and cheekily captioned it “It's about time nifate hereni zangu @danubehometz_ I hope they are still there.”


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