Model accused of leaking intimate video with Wema Sepetu gives his side of the story

As much as wema Sepetu is mad at Calisah, no one wants to accept that the video was leaked by mistake. Most think this was an engineered technic used to create a buzz on social media.


Wema Sepetu has been wallowing after the video went viral and I am guessing this is because she was hoping to get back with Idris Sultan. Her other man on the hand has come forth to reveal that he had nothing to do with the video that was leaked late last evening.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Calisah says that the video is causing him a lot of heartache as his family is putting too much pressure on him.

He also revealed that the video has pushed his ‘wife’ to leave for good and he can’t seem to fix the damage that the social media community is causing him.

Anyway, he denies sharing the video and has since been looking for a way to convince Wema Sepetu that he is innocent.

According to what he said, the video was just shared between him and Wema Sepetu meaning that either party could have leaked it.

“I was chatting with Wema as usual then I received a notification on my phone and when I checked it out, I couldn’t believe that our video had leaked. I reached out to wema to see whether she was the one who had leaked it since no one else had access to that video” He said.

The two are currently not in good terms and judging from how ugly things have become Wema Sepetu might just have to face the consequences of her actions. She is currently facing a hard time as her fans seem to be turning against her for always being caught up in scandalous stories.


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