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I tried committing suicide twice – NTV’s Grace Ekirapa opens up

She opens up!

I tried to commit suicide twice – NTV’s Grace Ekirapa

In a series of videos she shared on Instagram, Ms. Ekirapa said she tried to take her own life using pills when she was in primary school and tried again when she was in secondary school.

The Crossover 101 presenter narrated that while in class eight, she took 18 pills of antibiotics because she was depressed but she did not die. When she got to form three she tried it again and this time round she took 35 pills.


“I believe that depression has a cure its nothing that cannot be dealt with but suicide is also tied to depression so for us to stop suicide we have to deal with depression. I am talking from experience because a lot of people don’t know this but when I was in class eight many years ago I tried committing suicide I took 18 pills I was on some antibiotics and at one time I got to a point and I said I’m going to take them all the medicine I had. Form three again I decided I’m going to do the same and I took 35 pills this time because 18 didn’t kill me so 35 will,” said Ekirapa.

Negativity around her

According to her people did not understand why she wanted to take her own life, but it was because of negativity that was around her.

Grace Ekirapa said that she grew up a sickly but most people thought she faked the sickness to be out of school.


She went on say that even her parents did not believe her whenever she claimed to be sick and that made her feel like she was a burden to them.

“And people did not understand why a 17 year-old would be committing suicide, a 14 year-old committing suicide but for me, it was because of the continuous negativity that was around me. Io grew up as a sickly and people around me thought I was always faking sickness to get out of school, my own parents didn’t believe me so I thought you know what, I’m a burden so how about I just take my own life,” Ms. Ekirapa said.


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