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Shock in Kilifi as woman gives birth to live 'fish'

The creature had eyes and a fishtail. I was shocked to see it- Jabiri

Kilifi County Hospital

Residents of Shariani location in Kilifi county were treated to a rude shock after a middle aged woman gave birth to a live “fish”.

The woman identified as Sarah Mbeyu Jabiri confirmed that the bizarre incident began on Thursday and Friday last week when she developed severe stomach pains that felt too much like labour pains and went on up to Wednesday.

“I started bleeding on Thursday and Friday last week I started feeling severe stomach pains, it was too much like labour pains. The pains ceased on Sunday but I was still bleeding until Wednesday at night when I felt some force in my abdomen and I pushed the mass out,” Jabiri said.

An equall shocked Jabiri confirmed that “the creature had eyes and a fishtail. I was shocked to see it”.


“That is what I ‘gave birth’ to and I thank God for saving me... I want the doctor to check it and tell me what it is,” she added.

Curious neighbours who were equally shocked flocked her home as news of the strange delivery spread.

Expert opinion suggest molar pregnancy

Medical practitioners however hold that what Jabiri did not give birth to a live fish with Kilifi County Medical Superintendent Dr Eddy Nzomo saying that they suspect it was a case of molar pregnancy.


“This is not witchcraft but a condition in the world of science. It happens when a woman gets pregnant, then the placenta starts developing but develops complications and starts growing abnormally forming a mass in the uterus. With time, the body sees it as foreign and it removes it from the uterus,” Nzomo said.

He confirmed that Jabiri has since been moved to the Kilifi County Hospital for more tests, scans and cleaning of the womb.

Nzomo explained that premolar pregnancy is more likely in women older than 35 years or younger than 20 years.

“The condition happens before the 27th week of pregnancy (7months). Apart from age, a woman who has a history of molar pregnancy are victims. One will undergo abdominal pains if she has missed her monthly period and suspects to be pregnant, vaginal bleeding where the blood is crumpy and resembles grapefruits. The muscle swells and can as bid as a five to six months old pregnancy,” Nzomo explained.


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