Police, Nurses voted most un-dateable professions - Pulse Survey


A Pulse survey

Don't you just love moments when a survey response absolutely cracks you up? We do appreciate all those responses that make the work-day a little bit fun and interesting.

We (Pulse Live) posed a question to our followers on people from which professions they would never date and their reason "Which profession would you never date and WHY?"

The post received more than one thousand responses in less than 24 hours with Nurses and the Police making numerous appearances in the comments on the post.

Some explained that these two professions are too demanding and people working here are always at work.

Salonists, Journalists and drivers also featured in the responses;

Here are some of the responses...

Carolyne Walter: Police man

Aliciah Wa: Kdf, police, doctor and drivers

Linet Kinanu: Men in uniform....ziii

Tinnah N. Kyalloh: Doctor, police

Robert Caldwell Carole Kosgei: Nurse and police, night shift manenos

We then received an explanation on why the police are a no-go zone...

Dennis Kariara: Police. They are likely to be cursed for misdeed

Carolzela Henry's: Men In uniform since they are promiscuous most of them

But in a case of one man’s meat…

Sylvester Mulei: Nitafutiwe police mm

Moving on...

Gideon Kimutai: Somebody advise me before I marry a salonist

And advised he was...

Nicks Kibush: Tumama twa salon ni mushene saa sote

And now to the majority of them all…

Jepchumba Micky: I will never date a doctor..

Mukeke Maurice: Nurses...You will never get them pregnant

Ken Muthomi: Nurses they think they are heaven

Lilly Ythera: Medics.ni hayo tu kwa sasa

Shark'z Reallover: Nurses never ati night duty..

So we( Pulse and Makena) asked...what is wrong with nurses?

Makena Winfred: Nurses and these in uniforms i feel you...where did you go wrong

It got...well...interesting...

Benedict Mutinda: Any profession related to clinical med , those people think they know too much and every time they are busy

Chol Machar: Nurse, she gotta have a night shift someday and loneliness bring "trust issues" up. Like "is she really at work?"

Kanaga Kevin: Doctor,nurse and any other who does medicine these people know too much they gatch a 1000ways to kill you.

And then boom, we were attacked

Kelvin Onsare: Journalists, artists/musicians all celebrities

Nzilani got concerned...

Nzilani Mwaniki: Sasa nurses tutakufa single ama?

Mary to the rescue...

Mary Wambui: Medics, police officers, teachers, politicians let's start dating, hawa watu wanatuchukia bure

It started taking a weird turn…

Emmanuel Kiplagat: Kisii. Being a kisii is another profession. It requires commitment

Before saving the best for last..

Angela Munywe: President, D. president, governors senators, mps, head of parastatals...not because they r bad but coz I can't reach them... otherwise

And in conclusion…

Jacinta Johnson: Penye nimefika sasa bora kinapumua

Je Nong: But I personally believe love doesn't consider careers, so long as you love each other you good to go au sio


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