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Flamboyant preacher leaves tongues wagging with new multi-million dollar hotel (Photos)

Talk about luxurious birthday gifts!

The preacher disclosed to his adoring followers that the ‘Shepherd Bushiri Hotels, Sparkling Waters and Spa’ would be launched on his birthday (Feb 20) before encouraging them to ‘believe in their dreams, no matter how big they are.’

He added that the Rustenburg hotel is just one of the many he would be launching this year, 3 in the USA would be launched a few days from now.

“Shepherd Bushiri Hotels, Sparkling Waters and Spa, is scheduled to be opened on my birthday, the 20th of February. It was a dream when I started this project but now it is a reality. This hotel adds to our already existing hotels worldwide, 8 in total. Of the eight, three in the USA will be launched a few days from now.


Let me encourage you to keep on believing in your dreams, no matter how big they are. Even if some people will laugh at your faith thinking it is IMPOSSIBLE, they don't know that with our God it is POSSIBLE.  May you also receive the grace of properties in Jesus name!” Shepherd Bushiri announced.

The huge announcement has been met with shock, the good kind from his followers who went on to ‘receive the grace of properties’.

Here are some of the reactions:

Praise Peterson: Woooooooow woooooooow Dad you inspire me!!! I connect I connect!!!!


Sindi Gcwensa: I receive daddy... I am doing right what you advised us do.. to invest on property... I built a big house in three months... now I'm busy with my flats for my tenants... I preparing to buy another site. Thanks to you Godfather

Beshundra Rogers: Congratulations on the SPECTACULAR vision coming to pass! This is a beautiful testimony for the kingdom of God showing that He can do anything through those who believe. Thank you & Prophetess Mary Bushiri for believing & demonstrating our Heavenly Father's favour & faithfulness even in business.

Thozama Xhaso: I am happy and very proud of you my father, you lead by example we are blessed and fortunate to be under this anointing, the anointing that yield results. keep on encouraging us papa

Ray Christi Malgas: I receive the Grace of properties my Daddy! May God grand you so much more grace to exceed in this life and I connect to the awesome grace and anointing that works upon my Spiritual Father Major 1, to also work upon my life to exceed beyond expectation in this life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!


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