Nairobi Diaries reveals why caucasian cast was fired

Dana De Grazia will no longer appear on reality show Nairobi Diaries aired on K24. The caucasion lass was featured on season 3 past however we have been informed she will not appear on the 4 season unless the show calls for her appearance.


Through a letter written by the executive producer of Nairobi Diaries, Dana was shown the door as the show is looking to take a different direction. For that matter, her role in the show was no longer needed.

Apparently the lass received the email a while back before she took to social media to announce that she was not going to appear in season 4. She plans to work on herself and since she is getting married soon, she could use the spare time to plan her dream wedding.

However judging from her statement, Decided to post this so everyone heard from me first.I will not be returning to @nairobidiaries it will always be a cool story to tell but now I’m focusing on my own growth not someone or something else’s.#dontlookback #futurefocused #hustling for MY #future. Dana was clearly never saw it coming.

Anyway, below is a copy of the mail sent to Dana explaining why they no longer needed her services.

Hi Dana,

We trust you are doing fine. We acknowledge the season 3 was awesome and ended well.,Season 3 has ended with the reunion, i.e 13 episodes have aired as per your signed contract. The bonus episode ran, that was basically not payable.

As it had been indicated in your contract and we too shall not be remunerated either. It shall include unused footage among other scenes. Concerning season 4, which shall be starting immediately, we regret that you shall not be main cast. This was a decision that the network arrived at, because of the direction the show is heading to and metamorphosing. We are open to have you as a sub-cast or guest if a scene/scenes call for your presence and you are still open to featuring.

We also have other projects lined up or if you have an awesome project, we are open to suggestions for collaboration.

Thank you for working with us.

All the best!!

As much as we’ll miss Dana on the show, it’s probably a good decision for her and her fiance to stay away from this toxic mess.


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