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Stay humble - DJ Crème De La Crème tells Tekno

DJ Crème took to Twitter to complain after Tekno did this to him...

One,  Kenyans complain about a short show or a lip-synced show, others say that we should support local artistes who bring their A-game in the midst of international mediocrity while others express how lucky they were to have missed the show because it wasn’t worth the money paid for it.

More often than not, Kenyan artistes complain of unfair treatment in the hands of event organizers or international artistes. As expected all four things happened during the Tekno concert and this time DJ Crème de la Crème was the one complaining of Tekno’s conduct during the show.

“Last Night was mad Liiit! On the flip side, Tekno wasn't in sync with his band, then dude blames me hard feelings tho. Stay Humble.” He tweeted after Tekno blamed him for a sound mishap during his set .


But someone who went to his concert disagreed with Crème side of the story claiming that the blame lies squarely on Creme.

Crème then responded by disclosing that Tekno refused to practice and asked Crème to DJ ten minutes to the performance. He then accused the ‘Pana’ singer of being an all-round Diva.

Bien of Sauti Sol, however, thinks that Kenyans deserve the concert they got because we were more concerned about Teknos alleged flop instead of focusing onCamp Mullah’s comeback.


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