Zari responds to claims that Nillan is not Diamond's son

There were claims that Diamond took Nillan's DNA test behind Zari's back and found out that Nillan is not his son.

But DNA tests proved otherwise and the fact that she also had Diamond’s features also vindicated Zari who had been vilified for allegedly giving birth with her ex, instead of Diamond.

The critics were not done with Zari yet as when her son Nillan was born, they made the same damaging claims.

Soon after Diamond’s baby with Hamisa Mobetto was born they claimed that Diamond and Zari’s relationship is in jeopardy because of the illicit affair. This was in response to Zari deleting Diamond’s pictures from social media and not wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Speaking to Soudy Brown of U-Heard on Clouds FM Zari explained that the reason she pulled down all of Diamond’s posts from her Instagram account is that they have decided to keep their relationship private.

“I don’t have to post him because I have his phone number and I wished him a happy birthday through his phone. Everything is fine.” Zari insisted.

She also spoke on earlier claims made by Tanzanian blogger Mange Kinambi that Diamond had gone to South Africa during Zari’s birthday and took a DNA test behind Zari’s back and was devastated upon learning that Nillan is not his.

“Hamna kitu kama DNA huyo ni mtoto wa Diamond sijui mbona watu wanasema si mtoto wake.” She said before adding that she didn't  forbid Diamond from going to Uganda “There is nothing like that. That’s so wrong, hamna kitu kama hicho watu wanaongea, hakuna kitu kama hicho.”

She also clapped back at Mange on Snapchat with these posts:


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