What happens to your body when you are on a dry spell

Here are some interesting facts...


From a dip in your libido to an increase in stress level, your body goes through a couple of changes when you are on a dry spell.

You may become more stressed

Some studies have shown that people who do not have regular sex experience high blood pressure spikes as compared to those that have regular sex.

Your libido decreases

For some people, their libido tends to drop when they are not engaging in regular sexual intercourse. The desire to have sex lessens over time as your body dampens hormonal response to arousal.

Therefore you have a hard time getting aroused.

This however does not apply to all women as some may desire sex more when on a dry spell.

Your do not become ‘tighter’

This is a common myth that if you abstain from sex (willingly or unwillingly) that you become ‘tighter’.

Your vagina walls just weaken and that is why Kegel exercises are important for every woman.

No need to worry though, it is not permanent.

You may experience a loss of lubrication

A lack of estrogen could lead to a loss of lubrication when you have sex for the first time in a long time.

This mainly occurs in older women as opposed to younger women in their 20s and 30s.

Your cramps may get worse

Having sex while on your period may help reduce your menstrual cramps as you are better lubricated during that time of the month.

You lessen your risk of catching a UTI

Not having sex is not all that bad as it lessens your chances of catching a UTI.

Frequency of sex determines how often you get UTIs.


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