Donald Kipkorir's Sh22,000 lunch leaves many questioning his appetite


Donald Kipkorir's Sh22,000 lunch in Italy leaves many questioning his choice and appetite

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kiprkorir's choice of first lunch in 2020 left many Kenyan netizens with more questions than answers.

Kipkorir, known for flaunting his wealthy and fine taste on social media, posted a picture of his lunch at a fine dining restaurant in the Italian small town of Tuscany.

"Having lunch at Cum Quibus, a Michelin Star restaurant in San Gimignano, a small beautiful town in Tuscany, Italy ... Beauty and fullness of life comes in small quantities ... If there is heaven on earth, Tuscany is," the lawyer said.

The gourmet meal, however, left many Kenyans -many who were feasting to mark the new year, wondering why a grown man would take such small portions.

Matters got worse when Kipkorir revealed that he had spent a whopping Sh22,000 (200 euros) on the lunch.

"Where is the lunch Wakili? " journalist Lindah Ogutu asked sarcastically.

"Don, calling that lunch is a polite insult to some of us who take "nyoyo" as an appetiser!" another Tweep complained.

"My mother was right when she told me that the rich don't eat like paupers... But where is the lunch surely" Muhammaed Onyango wondered.

"Its said you lack money and have proper appetite. Likewise you have money and appetite is gone..You can't have both," Abdi Mohb commented.


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