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Drama as Waititu's lawyers challenge MCA to prove Governor is married to Kiambu First Lady

Waititu's lawyers give MCA a hard time

From right Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, his wife Susan Ndung'u and their daughter Dr Njeri Ndung'u after they were released from the EACC headquarters

The Senate's investigation into the impeachment charges made by the Kiambu County Assembly on Tuesday kicked off on a dramatic note that saw Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's lawyers cross-examine the MCA who moved the motion of impeachment against the county boss.

In a dramatic session, Waititu's lawyers placed Ndenderu MCA Solomon Kinuthia on the witness stand where he had a hard time answering the tough questions placed his way.

One of the highlights was when Waititu's lawyers challenged Kinuthia to prove that the Kiambu Governor is married to Susan Ndung'u who serves as the Kiambu First Lady.

One of the charges facing the Governor was award of tenders to companies associated with his wife Susan Ndungu and his children including Monica Njeri. The lawyers also wanted evidence to show that Monica Njeri is his child.


"Do you have any evidence of the relationship between Susan Wangare Ndungu and the Governor?" the lawyer posed.

"Yes, I'm a family friend...she is the wife by common law, repute and habit," Kinuthia said.

The lawyer was not convinced with the answer and probed further.

"We could also be family friends of the Governor but that is not evidence. Do you have a marriage certificate or anything like that that would serve as evidence," the lawyer went on.

"Yes I attended the Governor's traditional wedding in Ndundori Gwa Kiongo. I could provide the photos," the MCA said amid uproar from the Senators.


"Even in customary marriages, a certificate of marriage is needed. As to who was present, that is not evidence that can be submitted before this Senate. So you have no evidence. Let's go to Monica Njeri Ndung'u, their so called daughters. Do you have any evidence? Your evidence is that just because they share the names Ndung'u with the Governor, that is all you have," the lawyer prodded.

"These are the beneficiaries listed on his NHIF cover," Kinuthia stated before the lawyer indicated that the time for filing evidence had lapsed.

Waititu's trial is being heard by the Senate plenary after which the 47 Senators will vote to either acquit or confirm the charges against the Kiambu Governor.

If the Senate upholds the charges, the Kiambu county boss will cease being the Governor of Kiambu.


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