Nasa affiliated bodyguards open fire on Jubilee supporters

The incident comes just a day after Nasa principals were heckled in Baringo.

Raila Odinga who is on a vote hunting mission in Central Kenya for his fourth stab at presidency met resistance when he stood to sell his vision to residents of Thika town.

When he stood to address Thika residents, he was heckled by Jubilee supporters attending the Thursday rally forcing him to cut short his speech.

Emerging reports also indicate that the Former Prime Minister's motorcade was  later  stoned by angry residents.

Police had to lob teargas to disperse the irate crowd.

Bodyguards of some Nasa leaders also opened fire and shoot in the air to scare away the Jubilee supporters who pelted Raila convoy in Githurai.

So far it is yet unknown if anyone was injured or killed in the ugly confrontation.

The news of the ugly incident quckly spread on social media like bush fire and Kenyans took their time to share their opinion on the matter.

“This should not be allowed in Kenya. If you don't believe in baba allow those who are interested t listen. We need mature politics in Kenya “ Washington Njogu posted on twitter.

“This total gibberish RAO should be accorded the respect he deserves, if you don't like him/what he sayskaa kwako kwa nyumba. USHENZI” @lennychegeposted.

“A reflection of what happened in Kisumu yesterday. RAILA should APOLOGIZE!” Munene wa Njeru added his voice on the simmering issue.

“I don't like this but NASA themselves are the people. They have never condemned hooliganism” @tmk_mike posted.

“Political intolerance is not cool at all” Dennis ketone posted.

P Live would like to take this opportunity and condemn the ugly act and wish Kenyans would maintain peace irrespective of their political affiliations, Kenya after all is bigger than any individual and in this 21 century age Political intolerance is not cool at all.


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