Government's message to Eastleigh escapees day after lockdown

Moving to South B and South C

Government's message to Eastleigh escapees day after lockdown - CAS Rashid Aman

The government on Thursday addressed the issue of mass migration of people from Eastleigh and Mombasa Old Town following a cessation of movement order.

Health CAS Rashid Aman announced that the government had noted the mass exodus warning the escapees that they were not helping the situation.

"We are aware that the measures may cause some inconveniences but we are appealing to you all for understanding, these directives are aimed at protecting all of us.

"We have noted that arising from this directive, some people have decided to sneak out of these areas and to relocate to neighbouring estates. Let me caution that this move is counterproductive and dangerous. This is because if you happen to be infected unknowingly then you have just transferred the problem to another area," Dr Aman stated.

Fellow Muslims

Being a practitioner of the Muslim faith himself, Dr Aman sent a special message to residents of the two areas in question, a majority of him are of the Islamic faith.

He reminded them of a teaching in the kuran which implores it's followers not to enter a land "visited by a plague" and to stay in their land in case it is visited by a plague.

He urged the residents of these areas to adhere to the teaching cautioning that Coronavirus is a new disease and much of it's nature still remains unknown.

Dr Aman also asked those taking in the escapees to desist from doing so and instead report all persons who may have moved into their neighbourhoods since the travel ban.


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