Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Wednesday appeared on JKL show where he discussed political issues giving his own perspective.

During the interview, Kabogo mentioned that he is not as close to President Uhuru Kenyatta as he was during his tenure as governor.

"I'm still close to the president...I guess. The last time i saw him was the other day when I heard he was in Ndumberi and I went to meet him...he still looks the same.

William Kabogo with Jeff Koinange on the JKL show (Twitter)

"We used to chat more often, when I was within the [political] circles but now you know I am outside," he told his host, Jeff Koinange.

Kabogo the Outsider

Kabogo further elaborated that due to the 2017 election loss he is outside the political reigns.

He stated that he is happy to watch politics from the outside saying that he is learning a lot from that position.

"I'm looking inside from outside and it's sometimes get to understand how things are done," Kabogo relayed.

William Kabogo on the JKL show which aired on Wednesday (Twitter)

The former governor also added that the president could benefit from having him as an advisor because he tells things as they are.

"I'm not a sycophant, I'm able to tell him 'saa hii mzee umechapwa mbaya (Mr President, you've been hit hard)'...I'm not saying that the people around him are sycophants but there are things you need to be able to tell someone.

"Like for example, I'd have advised the president against the 'mshenzi' comment because now the common mwananchi thinks that it was directed at them," Kabogo elaborated.