I suffered depression for having small breasts – former Presidential aspirant opens up

"I was afraid I would not get a husband"

I suffered depression for having small breasts – former Presidential aspirant opens up

Former Presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu has revealed that she battled severe depression due to having small breasts.

Kamencu said sharing the experience had helped other women share their struggles, even joking that she had been advised to stuff a few pairs of socks to boost her esteem.

After sharing that I was suffering severe depression due to small breasts causing me not to get me a husband, numerous ladies inboxed and told me I could stuff socks or cotton wool in my bra to mitigate the situation. Today I have put one pair of socks in each bra. Does one pair look enough or should I stuff five to six pairs tomorrow? Grateful for any feedback,” she posted.

Psychologist Paul Joannides, writing for Psychology Today, says that it is common for women of all ages to have self-esteem challenges as a result of their breast sizes and shapes.

He advises that the families and loved ones of the affected person should help by complimenting the body parts that maybe causing psychological problems.

2012 Presidential Bid

You can tell your girlfriend that her breast size doesn’t matter, but insecurity and envy about breasts can run deep. Hopefully, it will matter to your GF how you make her feel about herself as a person. Keep telling her you are the luckiest man alive, what a hot body she has.”

Unfortunately, these issues can cut deep for women who feel they were left out of the great breast sweepstakes in life,” Joannides says.

Kamencu announced her plan to vie for the Presidency in 2012 but did not follow through.

She is a writer and a literature graduate from Oxford University who has indicated her plans to contest the country’s top seat in the future.


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