Gov't plans to renew war against Shisha joints

War on shisha is not over

A young man smokes shisha

The government is planning to renew the fight on shisha which was outlawed last year.

During a meeting by the Tobacco Control Board in Nairobi stakeholders were informed that shisha was being smuggled into the country after the ban.

Dr Kepha Ombacho, the director of public health in Ministry of Health said that the government has not licensed any importer or outlets to trade in shisha.

Illegal business

I can confirm to you that nobody has been licensed to import or sell shisha in Kenya and so those who are doing so are engaging in illegal business contrary to the law,” asserted Ombacho.

Worried officials questioned why the fight against shisha importers had hit a snug and why authorities were not cracking down on these individuals.

Jino Moja behind California Police Post; Section 3; Shamahan, Lamushikil, Beirut Club, Gikondi Bar on 9th Street, Manyatta Bar on 10th Street and Casino were named as some of the areas where shisha was being sold.

Nonetheless, the war against shisha smoking is far from over. I urge all of us to join hands and step up the fight against this illegal activity,” a statement read in part.

Ban still on

Joel Gitali, the chair of the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) said this was a move in the right direction if the government seeks to have the ban of shisha successful.

When the judge made the ruling, she observed that it was in public interest and observed that due process needs to be adhered to effect the ban fully,” Gitali stated.

Then Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu argued that consumption of the product in Kenya has been found to be a gateway to the use of hard drugs such as heroin.


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