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Esther Passaris makes special appeal to Uhuru

The Women Representative was visiting those injured during the Kawangware clashes.

Speaking to the press, Passaris touched on the elections making a special appeal to President Kenyatta.

“You are the president of this country and before you think about being sworn in think about the messages you need to convey to all Kenyans,” she said.

The Women Rep went on to advocate for peace and unity among Kenyans.


“All I want to tell you Kenyans is; put your pangas down, put your wooden sticks down, put your hatred away and just go and hug your fellow brother and sister and say I am sorry because we do not want to destroy this country.”

Tension within Kawangware began on Friday October 27 after gangs ambushed the locals within the area that saw shops looted and a number of houses burnt down.

Residents claim that three people were killed in the violence and dozens, including three school children from Ndurarua Primary, were nursing injuries, as riot police tried to assuage the situation.

"Three Class Eight pupils from Ndurarua Primary School were injured after being caught in the chaos as they left school. They are stranded and terrified. They can’t go home because of the current situation, the police are not helping the situation either," a resident said as she appealed for help


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