How man linked to shooting of ex-Garissa official was tortured in forest - court told

The revelations comes after David Mwai died inside Parklands Police Station

Mohamud Aden was arrested alongside David Mwai, who allegedly committed suicide inside Parklands Police Station after disclosing to police officers the person who paid him for the assassination mission.

Speaking after a court proceeding Aden’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta claimed that the first time his client appeared before the court, he was not given an opportunity to have legal representation.

He noted that his client was also duped into signing a document that he was not allowed to read the content.

According to the criminal lawyer, Aden was taken to the forest where police officers tortured him.

“One of the reasons he kept quiet was because of the torture. He was arrested on the 27 August 2018 but three days later was when the Magistrate directed he be locked up at Gigiri police station. Before this, he was being moved from one police station to another.

“In fact from the day he was arrested at 5 pm on August 27 he was actually booked at the police station the next day at 11 am at Gigiri police station. So all this other time from when he was arrested, it cannot be accounted for.

“This is the time he says that he was being tortured, he was taken to the forest, plastic papers were put around his face, he was strangled, his private parts battered and he was later forced to sign a document that DCI Kilimani was having," he said.

Mr. Ombeta went on to express fear over the life of his client stating that could end up dead like Mwai, who was allegedly strangled inside the police cell.

He divulged that as his lawyer he had put in place measures to ensure that Aden remains safe.

"We have asked the investigating officers to be with him throughout. We have also asked the OCS of Gigiri to ensure that anybody who wants to see him must be vetted, we must know who it is. We must also be aware of anytime they want to take him out for investigations,” he said.

On Tuesday, the court ordered Aden to undergo a medical examination to establish the truth of his claims.

However, lawyer Ombeta noted that a family doctor must be present during the process.

“We have also insisted that in regard to the medical treatment he will b going through a family doctor be present,” he said.


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