New development after Sonko had brief meeting with matatu operators

Sonko held a brief meeting with the stakeholders at City Hall where the new developments were discussed

Governor Mike Sonko when he lifted the matatu CBD ban

Speaking from City Hall, Matatu Operators Association Chairman Jimal Ibrahim conveyed that they had held a brief meeting with the governor and resolved to have only three matatus from each Sacco accessing the CBD at any one time.

The chair also conveyed that Governor Sonko will chair a meeting with the stakeholders on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

He added that a few youths had been enlisted by the county government to decongest the city in the meantime, they would be identified with labelled reflector jackets.

Another issue that would be discussed during the meeting with Sonko is the issue of a special license for 7-seater vehicles such as Noahs, Toyota Wish and Isis.

He also added that matatu operators were ready to leave the CBD eventually, on condition that the government provides amenities.

"What I can say for now is that the county government has a good plan to remove matatus from the CBD and at the same time provide a way to ferry passengers from the termini into the CBD.

"The city is already overwhelmed because ten years ago there were only 6 Saccos and now there are over 256, the governor has been far too gracious allowing us to stay in the CBD for that long," Ibrahim explained.

BRT Buses Debates

The chairperson also addressed claims that he had set up a company for BRT buses in anticipation of the matatu CBD ban to ensure that he remains in business even when the ban takes effect.

"What I can say to that is that it is cheap allegations and propaganda because as we are speaking, BRT is not about decongesting Nairobi.

"The measures to decongest Nairobi were developed by government agencies. I'm not a member of that company and if I were, the chairpersons of various matatu groups would not have agreed to meet with such an issue in public light," he explained.

Sonko lifts Matatu CBD ban

Governor Sonko lifted the ban on Tuesday citing that vulnerable groups had suffered too much trying to connect to various termini.

The governor added that he was ready for talks with stakeholders to find a solution to the frustrating traffic snarl-ups in the city.


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