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Senior Government official angers Kenyans with plot to extend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term

These guys have messed us up big time and you are here suggesting we add them an extra 5yrs-Andrew Kioko

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto receiving Joyce Lay to the Jubilee party in 2017

A plot to amend the constitution and hand President Uhuru Kenyatta a third term in office has seen the immediate former Taita Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Lay come under heavy criticism.

Lay who is a serving member of the Water Sector Trust Fund board took to Twitter, disclosing her intentions to have President Uhuru Knyatta steer the country for a third term, stating that the country is safter in his hands.

“I want to push for an amendment to have H.E Uhuru Kenyatta run for another tearm as the President of this country. Kenya is more safer with him than anyone else.” Lay wrote.

She maintained that the President”means well but People are bitter and they speak so negative about the President. Do we really want change?”


Her remarks saw netizens respond almost immediately with some pointing out that she is no longer a member of parliament and such she is not in a position to effect the changes.

“Are you in Parliament? What is this crazy talk? How come you all have become so crazy and reckless after working around Kibaki and learning what political discipline and constitutional restraint are?” Wrote Benji Ndolo.

Others accused her of being the patron of impunity, pointing out that her suggestion in iself is a violation of the constitution.

“Full implementation of the constitution means a max of 2 terms for President Uhuru. If this is hard to honor, I don't think there is any document that will save this country.” Wrote @Julishwa.

“No. First, it's unconstitutional. Second, this president has been at the helm of the worst ever administration since Independence. Kenya is poorer and more divided than ever. Peace does not mean no War Don't also forget that the last person we 'extended' for lasted 24 years.” Added @EMangau.


Andrew Kioko opined that the Jubilee administration has been an injustice to Kenyans and it was unfair to subject them to five more years of the same under the leadership of anyone from the Jubilee lot.

“These guys have messed us up big time and you are here suggesting we add them an extra 5yrs?? What have you been smoking?? We have defaulted loans till banks no longer chase us but ask for meetings to agree on how we can repay the loans conveniently. Business in Msa is unbareable.” Wrote Kioko.

“You have said alot of Nothing. Utter Nonsense. Let him finish his term and go home to Gatundu. We are fed up Please.” Added Peter Maina.

Anne Kariuki attributed her thoughts to being in the political cold writing : “Please keep your thoughts to yourself. It is unconstitutional. Being in the cold is very cold it breeds unconstitutional thoughts”.


“She is not in parliament. Glad she didn't go back” Added Mumba.


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