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It is true I almost gave up - Uhuru gives his side of the story

Uhuru Kenyatta has revealed more details regarding one of the most difficult moments of his presidency.

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing religious leaders from Central Kenya Region at State House

On Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta met religious leaders from the Mt Kenya region at State House where he asked them to help their followers make better choices at the polls ahead of the August 9, 2022 elections.

During the event, President Kenyatta launched a thinly veiled attack on his Deputy William Ruto who recently claimed that he had been humiliated under the watch of his boss.

Though the head of state did not expressly name DP Ruto, he criticised his deputy for allegedly fuelling a rebellion against him.


He also addressed reports that he almost gave up on the presidency in 2017 as told by DP Ruto.

"In 2017, everyone here knows what happened. We were almost going back to where we were in 2007. Those in Nairobi and these neighbouring communities know what I am saying. We even had to repeat the election. We started seeing chaos here in Nairobi and other areas. You would hear that someone’s shop has been burnt, a kiosk has been set ablaze, someone has died here another has died there…and it got to some point…

"It is true because these media people taking videos are the same ones who will go post on social media…it is okay. I speak the truth, I don’t speak what I can’t repeat tomorrow. I even heard that there was a meeting where it was said that I would rather leave the seat and go home to Ichaweri. It is true because I got to a point and said that this seat is not important as life and you can’t say that even if people die, I won't leave,” President Kenyatta opened up.

Uhuru said that he allowed ODM leader Raila Odinga to go ahead with the mock swearing-in ceremony despite many people predicting that the event would be disrupted by security agencies who would arrest Odinga.

The president noted that had he sent police to deal with the issue, violence and bloodshed would have erupted.


Because of my calmness, they (Odinga's camp) started questioning themselves and came to me saying they wanted to talk and I said it is okay. But there were people on my side who did not want the talks and I asked them that since these ones (Odinga’s allies) are not going anywhere and people are still suffering, why not talk or do you want violence? I said I don’t want violence and I would go ahead and talk to them if it guarantees peace,” Uhuru gave his side of the story.

Uhuru regretted that some politicians were engaging in deceitful, divisive, and misleading campaigns.

You have already introduced rebellion and you are roaming across the country saying you have been wronged. A deal is between two people. If I am wrong you are also wrong. You have no right to seek leadership by lying, insults and theft,” President Kenyatta said.

In a town hall aired by KTN on Thursday, the deputy president said that he had been patient with his boss despite having excluded him from the National Security Council, and trimmed some of his powers.

"I have been a very patient person. The kind of humiliation I have been subjected to by my boss, nobody could have taken it. If it was Raila or Martha Karua, they would have done drastic things already," Ruto said.


Uhuru told the religious leaders that he had no intention of remaining in power as claimed by many of his critics.

I don’t want to remain in power as they allege. This is a difficult job, no sleep…this house is full of challenges and ten years for me is enough. I am waiting for 9th August,” the President said.

He added: "Kenyans have an opportunity to elect leaders who have a proven track record of championing the interests of all Kenyans rather than those who are only seeking leadership for personal gain."


He explained that he was inclined to support Azimio la Umoja's presidential running mate, Martha Karua, despite being rivals during past elections.

Despite the fact that we have never been on the same side politically with Martha, she is just and principled. It is better I follow someone who is principled. Who is just, truthful and led by the desire to serve people but not self,” the President said in reference to Azimio la Umoja's presidential running-mate.


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