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Quench your thirst, help save the world with this bottle of Dasani going for only Sh20

Join the green movement by opting for the reusable glass bottle

Dasani in new reusable glass bottle

Nutritionists have created awareness on the numerous benefits of regularly taking water to a person’s health.

A hydrated body has numerous health benefits including boosting skin health, lubrication of joints, regulation of body temperature, cushioning the brain, among many others.

It is this realization that has seen the water bottle become a regular item in the hands of many Kenyans, but on the flipside, a ubiquitous presence in litter bins and in waste collection areas.

Dasani, a leading water brand in Kenya and in the world in general, has devised a new way that will keep you hydrated while at the same time reducing pollution caused by plastic bottles.


Dasani’s green makeover includes a new 300 ml glass bottle that is retailing at Sh20.

The glass bottle has to be returned to the retailer hence avoiding the problem of littering and saving you from the baggage of having to move around with a bottle until you can reach the unevenly distributed litter bins.

With the glass bottle, you also get to avoid some of the health hazards of drinking from a plastic bottle.

Scientists have established that plastic bottles pose a health risk, primarily from Bisphenol A (BPA), an organic synthetic compound widely used in the manufacture of plastic bottles.

It is said that BPA has a tendency to seep out of the bottle into the water and when consumed, it exposes consumers to health risks such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer, amongst many others. 


Stay healthy with the new Dasani 300ml glass bottle, quench your thirst at Sh20 bob only!


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