All Dusit terror attack missing persons found- Red Cross announces

Relief for concerned families

People donating blood at a camp set up by Red Cross during Dusit attack

Kenya Road Cross on Thursday stated that all missing people from the Dusit terror attack had been accounted for.

Through a statement issued on their twitter account, the humanitarian body revealed that all the 94 missing people had been found.

“All the 94 tracing cases have been closed positively as of today 1230hours,” read a part of the statement.

The body further pointed out that 595 people had received counselling and that the psychological teams by the organization would continue to offer the services at the camp set up at Chiromo mortuary.

This comes hours after Inspector General Joseph Boinnet had revealed that the death toll had risen from the initial 14 to 21.

Boinnet explained that among the 7 dead was a police officer who had succumbed to injuries sustained during the rescue operation at Dusit Complex.

More explosions at Dusit

The police had earlier stated that more explosions would be expected at the building as they detonated explosives left behind by the AlShabaab militiants.

A team of officers from the Bomb Disposal Unit had informed the public that the blasts were safe and there was no need for concern.

Security personnel on Wednesday had managed to regain control of the infrastructure after an 18-hour siege.

The security operation according to the government, had ended after police successfully killed all the five terrorist and managed to recover weapons and rounds of ammunition.


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